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Publicações Científicas

“Dentre minhas alegrias na ciência está compartilhar as descobertas com aqueles que empurram as fronteiras do conhecimento mais adiante.”

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Periódicos científicos
Publicações em inglês

Apr 2019    Microplastics can change soil properties and affect plant performance. ES&T

Apr 2019    Novel concepts for novel entities: Updating ecotoxicology for a sustainable Anthropocene. ES&T

Mar 2019    A model-based analysis of metal fate in the Thames Estuary. Estuaries Coast

Mar 2019    Microplastics effects on plants. New Phytologist

Jul 2018      Impacts of microplastics on the soil biophysical environment. ES&T

Jan 2018     Microplastics and evolution of soil microorganisms. Environ Chem

Dec 2017     Microplastics as an emerging threat to terrestrial systems. GCB 

Dec 2017     Unravelling metal mobility under complex contaminant signatures. STOTEN

Oct 2017     Microplastics incorporation into soils in agroecosystems. Front Plant Sci

Dec 2016     Biopesticide DIPEL, Daphnia magna, and nonmonotonicity. ES&T

Nov 2016     Potential environmental impacts of an "Underground Revolution". TREE 

Jan 2016      Metal fate and effects in estuaries, a review. STOTEN

May 2015    Biomarkers & emerging contaminants downstream of waste treatment effluents. STOTEN

Dec 2014     Zinc effects on growth and physiology of diatom. PANAMJAS

Jul 2014      Contaminant mixtures and effects on wild freshwater mussels. Ecotoxicology

Jul 2014      Phenanthrene, oxidative stress, DNA damage physiology of guppy fish. MER

Aug 2013    Roundup and biomarkers of physiological and reproductive stress in guppy fish. Aquatic Toxicology

Apr 2013    Biomarkers of exposure to copper in estuarine guppy fish. Aquatic Toxicology

Mar 2012   Zooplankton secondary production measure by enzymatic and mathematical methods. JEMBE

Oct 2011    Chitobiase enzymatic characterization and use in biomass estimation. JEMBE

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