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Global Change & Pollution Science

Selected Lectures

Shortly after my PhD I had the opportunity to design and to teach an entire course about Global Change from an ecotoxicological perspective.

Teaching, for me, is all about mutual exchange. And that was what everyone felt, independently of whether at BSc or MSc, the students of the Freie Universität Berlin (FUB) really embraced the course with full soul. The course received many positive compliments, but one that moved me most was from a rather introspect female student. She told me "you know, I normally have problems to speak in public. But everyone was contributing in your course and it felt that I could also do it. Thanks". She and the others engaged enthusiastically on various debates, from principles in ecotoxicology to elaborated ethical issues of dealing with environmental health, sustainability, and human well-being. In fact, the group learned a lot about the human enterprise and its consequences for the Earth System in the context of Anthropocene. A proof of this is the comparisons of mind-map before and after the course. 

With my departure from FUB the course wasn't continued. As the presentations that I prepared were greatly appreciated by students, I am happy to make them available here some of them. You can check the PDFs for the content and I will be happy to share the animated slides. Feel free to distribute those to your students, or get in touch for the full content of the course. 

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